New Farm Markets | 6 July 2024

When I tell you this dog is an absolute beauty… well, you can see for yourself. A giant puppy. Now my guess is that this fellow is a Cane Corso. At first I thought bull mastiff, but after submitting the photo to AI and asking for clarification, the answer has come back Cane Corso (with floppy ears instead of scary boi ears). AI can be low-key crazy sometimes so I half trust until the owner of this meaty chop comes and tells me otherwise. The owner was engrossed in a conversation, and people were love swarming this dog so I couldn’t get my pressing questions answered.

cane corso ears

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What’s Cookin’

French bulldog and cane corso say hello

This Cane Corso looked like a puppy and had a lolloping demeanour to match, albeit tipping the scales at 60kg easily. Some kids at the market could just about saddle him up and ride into battle at this point. If this is a Cane Corso, then it’s the first one I’ve ever seen. Some argument ensued as to whether this could be a Mastiff X Great Dane, which is also equally meaty and adorable. He was rolling on his back in the middle of the markets with his legs in the ear, collecting pats and attention from all manner of folks, including a tiny French Bulldog who thought they needed to meet.

About Cane Corso

While we’re here we might as well learn about this breed we really don’t see very often in Australia at all. I’ve only ever seen the Cane Corsos on TikTok or YouTube and they live in the USA. The more I look at this picture and the white chest blaze the less convinced I am he is a Cane Corso. Suffice to say, I don’t know. Hopefully his owner will see this and let me know the truth about this big, wiggly baby.

cane corso ears

Market Corso meets my dog nose-to-nose and absolutely dwarfs her (Australian Working Line Kelpie) also black with white chest blaze but easily half the weight of MC (Market Corso or Meaty Chop).

insurance for giant dogs

Cane Corso Facts

Cane Corsos are known for their large size, muscular build, and protective nature. They were originally bred for guarding property and livestock, as well as hunting large game. The breed is characterized by its short, dense coat, which can be black, gray, fawn, red, or brindle, often with minor white markings. Cane Corsos are intelligent, trainable, and form strong bonds with their families, making them excellent guard dogs and companions when properly trained and socialized.

So then how big does a meaty chop get, after a few meaty chops? Cane Corso weight is nothing to be sniffed at. These guys can weigh up to 50kg according to this internet… however, this dog looked heavier than that. Not that I’m body shaming the meaty chop at all. He was in splendid condition. So many questions unanswered.

Cane Corso Ears

floppy soft ears

As mentioned above, a lot of Cane Corsos we see around the place have the ‘scary boi’ ears. The ears that say, “madam, I’ll take your face”. I looked for pictures of these ears but I couldn’t post them because I just don’t think ears should be chopped and mangled any more than rottweiler tails should be docked. It seems regulations around the world are slowly catching up. I must prefer these floppy cute ears and so that is what I’m going to post. No point upsetting dog lovers about these things. So enjoy some more floppy ear Cane Corso pics.

Cane Corso Bite Force

Not that you’d believe it if simply judging from the puppy rolling on his back display today, but the bite force of a Cane Corso is estimated to be around 700 pounds per square inch (PSI). This is one of the strongest bite forces among dog breeds, making them well-suited for their original purpose as guard dogs and hunting companions. I’m not trying to get bitten by one of these dogs. In other information I have amassed for no reason, the Jaguar has a bite force of 1500PSI. So you’re basically screwed if you end up in a dark alley with a jaguar.

Is that a face that would bite? Certainly not. 10/10 good boi.



This scruffy little General caught attention this morning. Something adorably devil-may-care about this shaggy mixed breed, likely with Terrier influences. The dog’s coat is long and somewhat wiry, with a mix of black and white fur. The facial hair is particularly prominent, giving it a scruffy appearance. Here are a few breeds that might be part of this dog’s lineage:

  • Yorkshire Terrier: Known for their long, silky hair and energetic nature.
  • Affenpinscher: Often called the “Monkey Terrier” due to their distinct facial features and shaggy coat.
  • Havanese: A small breed with a long, soft, and somewhat shaggy coat.
  • Brussels Griffon: Known for their rough coat and distinctive facial hair.

He was looking adoringly at his owner and patiently waiting for coffee whilst occasionally dropping that winning smile for the people. 

scruffy dog

What a little gorgie. So perfectly behaved as well. Maybe there’s a treato in it for him somewhere.  

Where's My Treat?

It wouldn’t be a ParkRun Saturday without the obligatory working dog. Naturally, we’re quite partial to the Aussie working dog breeds. Our guess on this one? A border collie X cattle dog. Fast, smart and probably overdue for a Kransky at the german tent after knocking out a ParkRun this morning. Fair is fair. 

parkrun border collie X
working dogs

Our Favourite Treats

Freeze dried Meaty Treaty has got our attention. At last count they offer 14 different kinds of premium freeze dried treats in a bag. That is more varied than the diet of some of the folks around here. The best part about them is that someone else has done the hard yards on squishing all the goodness into a treat that won’t give you the ick. If you don’t believe us, check out this Green Lipped Mussels flavour, goes right along side Duck Breast and Salmon Fillets. 

meaty treaty green lipped mussels